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Frequently Asked


What happens when I touch the glass of a strobe or halogen bulb?

The oil or residue from your skin creates a hot spot and can cause early failure (if this happens clean bulb with rubbing alcohol).


What is a class 1 warning light rating?

It is the best rated light. Authorized for emergency vehicle response and heavy equipment roadside use.


What size lightbar do I need for my vehicle?

In most cases we have a listing of what should fit your vehicle so the answer is Call FLASH EQUIPMENT.


Should I use an in-line fuse when wiring to my battery?

Yes! It protects your investment from fires or melt downs.


Why should I buy LED?

LED’s have a longer life / better warranty. They draw less amps saving on battery power, fuel, heat buildup, and more. They are usually brighter and in the case of warning lights have more flash patterns with better visibility.


What is a class 2 warning light rating?

The next rating under the class 1. It is authorized for heavy equipment and roadside service vehicles.


How can I mount my lights & equipment to my truck without drilling a bunch of holes?

The answer is the BACKRACK truck mounting system. In most cases you do not have to drill to mount your lights, toolbox, signs and much more


Why are my lights not working or inconsistent?

There are many answers to this question, but the two most popular are BAD GROUND & POOR INSTALATION. Be sure who ever installs your equipment understands the product and vehicle.